Eco-Friendly Gifts Singapore: Making Sustainable Choices

Making sustainable decisions is more crucial than ever in the modern world. It is essential that we give sustainability and social responsibility first priority in our daily lives as we work to create healthier planets and more just communities. Purple and Pure is committed to advancing these ideals with our selection of environmentally friendly corporate goods and gifts. 

Why Plantable Gifts Matter:

Giving gifts to people is a treasured custom that enables us to show them how much we care and appreciate them. Conventional gifts, however, can have a big environmental impact, particularly if they contain single-use plastics and non-biodegradable materials. By selecting environmentally friendly presents, such as custom eco-friendly corporate gift ideas, we can lower our carbon footprint and help create a more sustainable future.

Important Factors to Take Into Account When Selecting Sustainable Business Gifts

Ingredients and Manufacturing Process

Consider the materials and methods used to create your presents. Select eco friendly products made of sustainable resources, such as repurposed wood, bamboo, organic cotton, or recycled paper. Seek presents produced with water- or energy-saving techniques to reduce their environmental effect.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

The packaging is also important! Choose presents packaged in environmentally friendly materials like recycled or biodegradable wrapping. Give up using too much plastic and switch to packaging made of cardboard, jute, or hemp instead. To further limit waste, consider adopting reusable or multipurpose packaging. 

Endorsing Fair Trade

Ensure that the presents you provide will benefit society. Seek for goods that uphold fair trade principles, guaranteeing that labourers are paid fairly and have safe working conditions. Selecting these presents encourages moral production methods and advances social welfare.

Strength and Lifespan

Select presents that will last a lifetime. Rather than buying things that break easily, choose durable ones that are made to last. Selecting enduring presents results in reduced waste and a more enduring beneficial influence.

Including eco-friendly items in your business gifting demonstrates your dedication to a more environmentally friendly future. Making moral decisions benefits the environment and fosters deep relationships with stakeholders with similar values. Let’s adopt sustainability and use it to our advantage.

Types of Plantable Gifts:

In Singapore, business connections, client relationships,door gifts and coworker appreciation can all be cultivated with the help of customised corporate gifts. Environmentally friendly presents not only reflect your brand but also show business social responsibility by encouraging environmental preservation. They express gratitude to all parties involved and gain the support of ecologically conscientious consumers. To properly serve the demands of your corporate clients, you must select the ideal corporate gift from the wide range of possibilities accessible in Singapore.

  1. Easel Stand Plantable Calendar

The easel stand calendar, with a reusable pinewood support, is made from recycled cotton seed paper. Once a month, you can rip it, soak it, and bury it in a small amount of soil. Watch the paper grow and sprout when it receives love, water, and sunlight.

Steps To Plant:

  • Rip the paper into small pieces
  • Fill a small container or pot with a small amount of soil
  • Soak the ripped paper shreds in water for a few minutes
  • Spread the soaked paper pieces evenly over the soil in the container or pot
  • Gently press the paper shreds into the soil
  • Place the container or pot in a sunny location
  • Water the soil regularly, keeping it moist but not waterlogged.
  1. EcoGrow Pen Gift Box

5 plantable seed pens made of recycled paper are included in the kit, and they are easily refilled with standard ballpoint pen refills. Every pen is unique since it contains one of the following seeds: tomato, coriander, mustard, brinjal, or basil. 

Steps To Plant:

  • You can plant them after the pens are full! Simply bury the pen upside down in the ground, and leave the capsule in place. 
  • There’s no need to take it out. Don’t forget to plant it inverted. For advice, refer to the planting instructions provided. 
  • These biodegradable pens revitalise your writing instruments and sprout a range of delectable herbs and veggies.
  1. Garden Vegetables Seed Notebook and Pencil Set

An environmentally friendly method to take notes and do sketches while supporting the environment is with the Plantable Seed Notebook and Pencil Set. The notebook cover is unique because it is composed of plantable paper that has been embedded with a variety of vegetable or herb seeds. When not in use, every pencil in the set develops into a plant. Each sheet is manufactured by hand from leftover cotton scraps that have seeds inside, and has handmade recycled pages made of recycled cotton waste.

Steps To Plant:

  • Just moisten the seed paper with water and place it in a pot to begin planting
  • Observe your veggies, flowers, or herbs flourish as you tend to it, incorporating some greenery into your writing process.
  1. Eco GrowMarks

Our bookmarks come in eight entertaining styles that encourage eco-friendliness and make readers smile. They provide a sustainable option for your reading experiences because they are made of biodegradable paper. When you’re done reading, you can use these bookmarks to plant, which will add a lovely touch and benefit the environment to your next read. These bookmarks will make you smile every time you turn a page in your book since you’re doing your part to make the future greener.

Now go ahead and enjoy your favourite novels while thinking of the good deeds you’re doing for the environment with these eco-friendly bookmarks.

Steps To Plant:

  • To activate the embedded seeds, soak your Eco GrowMarks in water for a few hours after using them as bookmarks
  • After the seeds have been activated, put the Eco GrowMarks in the ground or in a pot, lightly covering them with dirt.
  • Put the container in a sunny position and keep the soil moist. Watch your Eco GrowMarks develop into lovely plants and bring some greenery into your surroundings with consistent watering and sunlight!
  1. Plantable Seed Pencils

With eco-friendly pencils, learn how to write and grow in a sustainable manner! Every pencil is made from recycled paper and wood and includes a marigold seed to lessen your environmental impact with each use. When they grow too short to be used for writing, plant them in soil and use them much like conventional pencils. Beautiful marigold blooms will grow from the seeds, bringing colour and vitality to your surroundings. 

Steps To Plant:

  • Plant plantable pencils at a 45-degree angle.
  • When the pencils get small from sharpening, plant them straight into the soil.
  • Place the pot or garden bed in a sunny location
  • These are special pencils that you can plant to grow plants.

Why Plantable Stationery Is Important

Plantable stationery presents a special chance to combine sustainability and usefulness. We may encourage environmental stewardship and eco-consciousness by adding seeds to commonplace sustainable products like pens, pencils, notebooks, and greeting cards. These gifts that can be planted serve as a constant reminder of how intertwined we are with the natural world and how crucial it is to protect it for coming generations. 

A Unique Combination of Sustainability and Usability: 

Plantable stationery skillfully combines sustainability with usability by incorporating seeds into commonplace sustainable products like pens, pencils, notebooks, and greeting cards.

These products are a creative answer for customers who care about the environment because they accomplish their intended goals and encourage sustainability at the same time.

Encouragement of Eco-Consciousness: 

Using plantable stationery encourages people to consider how their decisions affect the environment and makes them feel more accountable for protecting the natural world. Plantable products also actively engage people in sustainable behaviours and increase awareness of the value of preserving our world.

Reminder of Interconnectedness with Nature: 

Presents that can be planted act as concrete symbols of our mutually beneficial interaction with all living things as well as our interconnectedness with the natural world. Seeing seeds from plantable stationery items sprout into plants is a great way to remind yourself that everything you do affects the environment and highlights the importance of sustainable practices.

Preservation of the Planet for Future Generations:

By encouraging sustainable living habits, plantable stationery draws attention to the importance of protecting the environment for coming generations. People may positively impact the environment and ensure that future generations inherit a healthy and vibrant environment by making plantable item choices.

Supporting Eco-Friendly Initiatives: 

Customers who purchase plantable stationery from businesses that support them are also encouraging the implementation of environmentally friendly practices and green projects. Growing consumer demand for plant-based goods pushes businesses to make sustainability a top priority, creating a more ecologically conscious market.

Waste Reduction: 

By offering environmentally appropriate substitutes for conventional paper-based items, plantable stationery helps reduce waste. Plantable stationery reduces environmental effects because it biodegrades and gives rise to new life, unlike conventional stationery that ends up in landfills after usage.

Inspiration for Creative Expression: 

By providing distinctive writing, drawing, and crafting surfaces, plantable stationery encourages originality and artistic expression. Plantable pens, pencils, and notebooks allow people to express their creativity and do good for the environment at the same time. Plantable stationery is a symbol of optimism and renewal, signifying the possibility of development and regeneration in both human activities and the natural world.

How Purple and Pure Changes Things

We at Purple and Pure are dedicated to using ethical production methods and following environmental laws. We collaborate with trustworthy Indian suppliers who place a high value on treating women fairly and well. We make certain that our products are sourced ethically and sustainably by carrying out extensive background checks and due diligence. 

In addition, we are associated with Daughters of Tomorrow, a Singaporean charity that assists single mothers. A portion of our profits supports these women and their families financially, professionally, and by teaching them life skills. Through these projects, we hope to advance gender equality and have a beneficial societal impact.


Giving environmentally friendly presents, such as plantable stationery, is a meaningful approach to supporting sustainable practices and a better future. We can build a fairer and more just society by selecting goods that put social responsibility and environmental preservation first. We at Purple and Pure cordially encourage you to join us in supporting environmentally friendly presents and improving the world in which we live. If we work together, we can change things.

Answering Your Eco-Gifting Questions

  1. What Makes a Corporate Gift Sustainable?

Eco-friendly corporate gifts are created using eco-friendly processes and materials, reflecting values of sustainability and social responsibility.

  1. Why Choose Green Gifts?

Opting for sustainable gifts aligns your corporate gifting with your company’s dedication to a greener future. Plus, it enhances your brand’s image!

  1. How to Ensure Your Gift is Environmentally Friendly?

Check the materials, manufacturing methods, packaging, and social impact of your gift. Prioritise eco-friendly materials and ethical sourcing.

  1. Interested in Personalising Your Green Gifts?

Consider adding personalised engravings, choosing sustainable packaging, and opting for eco-friendly inks for that special touch.

  1. How Can Companies Make Their Gifting Practices Greener?

Educate employees about sustainable practices, collaborate with eco-conscious vendors, and implement green delivery options.