Gifts with a Purpose: Sustainable and Ethical Choices for Meaningful Giving

Sustainability is an important topic that focuses on meeting the needs of the present generation without impacting the future. It encompasses of environmental, social and economic well-being.

Being sustainable means loving and caring for the people and the planet. The basic necessity is a pollution-free and environmentally friendly society.


One of the biggest reasons for landfill are gifts. Yes, believe it or not, as much as everyone loves gifts, the Earth suffers from the aftermath of gifting. Numerous celebrations happen every day across the globe. Are we thinking about our planet when we buy or receive gifts? 

We aim to rethink gifting and make a change. The zero-waste lifestyle is essential when we think of sustainable gifts and making them practical. We thereby adapt ourselves to reduce our ecological footprints, enhancing the quality of life on Earth.

Sustainable, eco-friendly gifts are the best way to show you care for your loved ones and the environment.

Some of the eco-friendly gifts at PURE & PURPLE are:

Replaceable Bamboo Toothbrush Aluminum Handle – Plant-Based Bristles

  • Plant based soft bristles with aluminium handle
  • 100% biodegrable , Vegan

EcoGrow Pen Gift Box

  • The body of the pen is made up of recycled paper, and the refill is regular ballpoint pens, which makes its use just like usual pens.
  • Each biodegradable pen can be planted at the end of life into a variety of vegetables and herbs.


Unfortunately, a lot of our daily usage consists of single use plastic and non-biodegradable essentials. This just fills up the land space leading to an absolute waste of natural resources. This has a major impact and it just does not stop by affecting the animals and the Earth but also our very own future of life here. 

We believe that small changes can create a big impact. Keeping our usage and resources in check with mindfulness and love for our environment can lead to a beautiful beginning. 


What it means is to literally grow a plant once you are done using the product. They are an enduring and effective way to ensure a GREEN PLANET.

THE 3 R’s:

We all know the famous R’s pertaining to a clean environment. 

We believe in REFUSE. REUSE. RECYCLE. 

REFUSE to buy and use plastic and non-biodegradable products. This just costs our planet its everything leaving very less for our future generations.

REUSE is a small word with a big impact. Reuse refers to utilizing items or materials again instead of discarding them as waste. It involves finding new purposes or applications for items that would otherwise be thrown away or recycled. We can reduce waste, conserve resources, and minimize environmental impact by reusing items.

RECYCLE is converting waste materials into new products or materials to prevent them from being discarded as trash. It involves collecting, sorting, processing, and transforming recyclable materials into raw materials that can be used to produce new items. Recycling is essential to sustainable waste management and helps conserve resources, reduce energy consumption, and minimize environmental impact.

By adopting a comprehensive approach to waste management, we can work towards a more sustainable and circular economy.


Let us spread awareness about eco-friendly, beautiful gifting that shows our respect and love for both the recipient and the environment. 

Come join us in this mission to make sustainable gifting a beautiful entity.

Choose from our range of gifts.

Garden Vegetables Seed Notebook and Pencil Set

Made from 

  • 100% Recycled paper made from seed paper (handmade from waste cotton scraps with seeds embedded)
  • Basil seeds
  • Fenugreek seeds

 By purchasing each product, you’re helping women in need. We’ve partnered with Daughters of Tomorrow to donate 1% of all sales towards career coaching, life skills training, and financial aid for single mothers in Singapore.

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