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The Learning Lab x Purple & Pure

The Learning Lab and Purple & Pure collaborate on customized plantable pencils with leaflets for Children’s Day gifts.

The Learning Lab is a tuition and enrichment centre based in Singapore. With numerous students under their tutelage and Children’s Day coming up, they approached Purple & Pure to create memorable, unique customized gifts.

Our plantable pencils, made from Purple & Pure’s proprietary seed paper, were chosen for this special occasion. We had a wide variety of seeds chosen for this partnership, from mustard to tomato.

The Learning Lab’s design
In the spirit of youth and children, our eye-catching and bright colours were perfect for the occasion. Tomato pencils were printed in pink, with coriander in a pleasing yellow hue.

With our soy-based ink, there were no limits to creativity, while also ensuring the pencils are biodegradable and do not contaminate the soil when planted.

What made Purple & Pure a good partner for this gifting project?
Many sustainable or environmentally-friendly gifts tend to be within the ranges of brown, green, and duller colours. Brighter coloured gifts can help capture attention, and Purple & Pure was able to deliver bright, youthful colours for the partner’s Children’s Day celebrations.

Furthermore, with flexible MOQs (we start from a low quantity of 100), partners are able to have more flexibility on the committed number of gifts to produce.

More about Purple & Pure’s seed paper
Recycled from cotton waste, our seed paper empowers local artisans to earn a fair wage. We have a choice of seeds, from basil, tomatoes to coriander.

More about Purple & Pure’s corporate gifts
Here at Purple & Pure, we understand that branding plays an important role in the visibility and success of companies. With our range of sustainable products and flexible and manageable MOQ, we enable companies to gift more sustainably.

Our commitment to society
Purple & Pure is proud to be a donor to Daughters of Tomorrow, a charity to support single mothers. We donate 10% of our profits. Help us do more good, while building a greener future together.

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