Our Paper Source

Experience the enchanting texture of our seeded paper, a journey that begins at our eco-conscious paper mill. Soft to the touch, porous, and delicately scented with floral notes, each sheet embodies our commitment to sustainability.
Crafted from residual cotton sourced from the textile industry, our paper stands as a beacon of environmental responsibility. By utilizing this renewable resource, we proudly avoid the need for tree cutting and harmful bleaching chemicals, ensuring a greener manufacturing process.
With a weight of approximately 250gr/m2, our plantable paper offers both durability and versatility, perfect for printing business cards, labels, flyers, or promotional materials. Embrace its natural off-white hue, a reflection of our dedication to preserving the Earth’s beauty.
More than just paper, our plantable creations are handmade by underprivileged women in India, empowering them with sustainable livelihoods. Each sheet is infused with seeds and free from harmful chemicals, ready to transform into vibrant plants with a simple touch of soil and water.
Join us in nurturing a brighter future with every printed piece, knowing that your choice supports sustainability and uplifts communities. Let’s sow the seeds of change together, one sheet at a time.