Plantable Seed Pencils

Discover the innovation of Purple and Pure unbleached seed germination pencil—a sustainable marvel designed for eco-conscious individuals. Crafted from eco-friendly materials, this pencil boasts a biodegradable seed capsule at the tip, allowing it to sprout into a plant when planted in soil. The joy of nurturing nature with a simple act of writing, and watching your seeds grow into herbs, wildflowers, or even tiny tomato plants is just incredible. Perfect for gifts, party favors, or classroom activities, these pencils offer a creative and green alternative to traditional writing instruments. Remember to choose a sunny spot, keep the soil moist, and exercise patience as you witness the magic of growth unfold.

Four stages to planting the Plantable Seed Pencil:

Four stages to planting 

the Plantable Seed Pencil:

Use the Pencil til it gets shorter.

(a) Plant the pencil sideways into the soil till the “planting Mark” as indicated.

(b) Do not plant it straight.

(a) Place the pot under sunlight and care of them by watering it regularly

(b) The capsule gets dissolved and begin to expose.

(a) Afer 5-7 days, the seeds begin to germinate and form Sprout.

(b) After 10-12 days, the Sprout grows into a plant.

Pencil seeds that can be planted

There are six different kinds of seeds that you can put in your plantable pencil when you place your order.












  • Crafted from eco-friendly materials
  • Biodegradable seed capsule at the tip
  • Sprouts into a plant when planted in soil
  • Perfect for gifts, party favors, or classroom activities
  • Creative and green alternative to traditional writing instruments

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Typically, these pencils contain seeds for flowers, herbs, or vegetables, designed to promote biodiversity.

Yes, Absolutely, our pencils are made entirely from recycled paper, eliminating the need for cutting down trees. We're committed to promoting sustainability and protecting our forests.

Absolutely, you can sharpen these pencils just like any other, enjoying their functionality until it's time to plant.

Germination times vary, but with proper care, you should see sprouts within a few weeks of planting.