Eco-Friendly Plantable Envelopes/Ang Bao at Purple and Pure

Discover the charm and sustainability of our plantable envelopes, also known as Ang Bao, at Purple and Pure. These unique envelopes, embedded with seeds, offer a delightful twist to traditional stationery. Not only do they serve as elegant gift card envelopes, but they also bloom into beautiful plants, reinforcing your commitment to the environment. Perfect for special occasions or as a part of a stationery set, these plantable seed envelopes blend tradition with eco-conscious innovation.

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At Purple and Pure, our plantable envelopes, also known as Ang Bao, are a testament to our commitment to eco-friendly practices. These unique envelopes, embedded with seeds, transform into beautiful plants, symbolizing a cycle of renewal. They are perfect for special occasions, gift-giving, or as a part of an eco-conscious stationery set.


Plant the envelope in soil, following the depth instructions provided. Regular watering and proper care will help it grow.

Yes, our plantable envelopes serve all the functions of traditional envelopes while adding an eco-friendly touch.

The envelopes contain a mix of flower and herb seeds, offering a variety of plants to grow.

Certainly! Bulk orders are available for events or corporate needs. Contact us for more details on bulk orders and customization options.