Eco-Friendly Plantable Gift Tags

Enhance your gifting with Purple & Pure’s plantable gift tags, a sustainable choice crafted from seed paper and recycled materials. These unique gift tags transform any present into an eco-friendly statement, encouraging growth and greenery long after the gift has been opened.

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Why Choose Plantable Gift Tags by Purple & Pure

Purple & Pure offers a unique, eco-friendly way to embellish your gifts with their plantable gift tags. These tags, made from seed paper and recycled materials, not only add a personal touch to any present but also promote environmental sustainability. By choosing these seed-embedded tags, you’re giving a gift within a gift—a beautiful plant that can grow from the tag, making your thoughtful gesture even more memorable.


To plant your seed gift tags, first, moisten the seed paper and plant it under a thin layer of soil. Keep it moist and in a spot with plenty of sunlight. Germination typically occurs within 1-2 weeks, depending on the seed variety.

The seed paper used for these gift tags typically contains a mix of wildflower seeds, designed to produce a variety of flowers. Specific seed mixes can vary, so check the product details for the exact seed types.

Yes, you can customize plantable gift tags for your Corporate event, adding a unique touch while promoting sustainability.

Yes, the gift tags are made from recycled cotton waste, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. The seeds embedded in the paper are non-invasive and selected for their environmental compatibility.