Surprise Your Loved Ones with Plantable Greeting Cards

Immerse yourself in the world of eco-friendly communication with Purple and Pure’s plantable greeting cards. Each card in our collection is not just a medium for your heartfelt messages; it’s a step towards environmental consciousness. Made from seed-embedded paper, these cards blossom into plants, symbolizing growth and sustainability. Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, business greetings, or just to say hello, our plantable cards offer a unique and thoughtful way to connect with loved ones while respecting the planet.

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At Purple and Pure, our commitment to sustainability is embodied in our unique range of plantable greeting cards. More than mere paper cards, these are symbols of an eco-friendly lifestyle. Each card, crafted with seeds embedded in biodegradable materials, transforms into a living plant, symbolizing renewal and respect for the environment. These plantable cards are perfect for various occasions – from birthday wishes to business greetings – offering a creative, green alternative for expressing thoughts and sentiments.


Plant them in soil, follow the depth instructions, water regularly, and watch them grow.

The cards contain a variety of flower and herb seeds.

Yes, we offer bulk orders for events or corporate purposes.