Sustainable Plantable Notebooks

Don’t throw away old notebooks when you can turn them into a blossoming garden. Our unique plantable notebooks are designed to grow into vibrant herbs and colourful flowers like basil, marigold, and wildflowers. These plantable seed paper notebooks offer an eco-friendly way to write, sketch, or journal while contributing to a greener planet. Crafted from recycled cotton waste and infused with seeds, they’re completely tree-free. Simply plant them in soil, water, and watch them sprout into a lush garden.

If you’re looking for plantable corporate gifts, these plantable notebooks are a unique and thoughtful option. Perfect for eco-conscious friends or colleagues, these plantable papers serve as a gentle reminder that small changes can make a big impact. Ideal for plantable gifts in Singapore, they are an innovative way to reduce waste while promoting sustainability. Explore our list of plantable gifts that are both practical and good for the environment.

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The 5 Benefits of Choosing Plantable Notebooks from Purple & Pure

  1. 1. Eco-Friendly Choice: Plantable notebooks at Purple & Pure are made from recycled cotton waste and plantable seed paper, ensuring a tree-free and sustainable option. This reduces your carbon footprint and helps promote a greener planet.
  2. 2. Grows Into Plants: Unlike traditional notebooks, plantable papers from Purple & Pure can be planted to grow into vibrant herbs, wildflowers, marigolds, basil, and mixed vegetables. This unique feature makes them an excellent choice for plantable corporate gifts or eco-friendly presents.
  3. 3. Reduce Waste: By choosing plantable notebooks, you’re contributing to waste reduction. Instead of ending up in landfills, these plantable papers can be buried in soil to create new life, making them a great plantable gift for those who value sustainability.
  4. 4. Ideal for Corporate Gifts: Purple & Pure’s plantable corporate gifts are perfect for environmentally conscious companies and clients. They make a thoughtful and meaningful gift, reinforcing your commitment to sustainability.
  5. 5. Unique and Innovative: Plantable gifts in Singapore are a unique concept, and Purple & Pure offers an innovative range of plantable notebooks that stand out. They add a touch of creativity to everyday stationery, making them a memorable gift option for friends, family, or business partners.


Absolutely! Plantable gifts from Purple & Pure, including their plantable notebooks, are perfect for eco-conscious individuals. These gifts offer a sustainable alternative to traditional stationery and can grow into beautiful plants, reducing waste and supporting a greener planet.

Simply soak and  tear the paper into small pieces, plant under a thin layer of soil, water regularly, and ensure it has plenty of sunlight. Watch as it sprouts into plants!

Absolutely! Simply email us to arrange the switch from pencils to plantable pens for your notebook order. Please note that there may be additional fees associated with this customization. We're committed to providing you with eco-friendly stationery options that suit your needs and values.

Provide ample sunlight, regular watering, and patience. These seeds are chosen for their high germination rate, but like all plants, they need care to flourish.