Eco-Friendly Plantable Pens

Purple & Pure is renowned for its innovative range of plantable pens, making it a top choice for eco-friendly door gifts and corporate gifts, These pens are crafted from biodegradable materials like recycled paper and cornstarch, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic pens. Each pen features a seed capsule at its end, allowing it to be planted after use to grow into a plant, offering a unique blend of functionality and environmental responsibility.

The plantable pens are versatile, with various seed options like herbs and wildflowers. They make for thoughtful plantable gifts, whether for corporate events or personal use, promoting sustainability. In Singapore, Purple and Pure has become a popular destination for plantable gifts and eco-friendly corporate gifts. These pens not only reduce waste but also encourage a deeper connection with nature.

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5 Reasons Why Choose Plantable Pens at Purple & Pure

  1. 1. Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable: Purple & Pure’s plantable pens are made from biodegradable materials, ensuring a reduced environmental impact. These pens are a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic pens, helping you lower your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet. 
  2. 2. Unique Plantable Design: Each pen has a seed capsule at the end that can be planted to grow into a plant. This innovative design allows you to turn waste into something beautiful, offering a creative way to reduce landfill waste. This feature makes plantable pens excellent eco-friendly door gifts for any occasion. 
  3. 3. Variety of Seed Choices: With a range of plant seeds to choose from, including herbs and wildflowers, Purple & Pure’s plantable pens offer a delightful variety. You can enjoy watching different plants grow with each pen, adding a touch of nature to your space. These plantable gifts are perfect for corporate events, parties, or personal use. 
  4. 4. Sleek and Modern Design: Purple & Pure’s eco-friendly pens are designed with a sleek and modern aesthetic. This ensures that you don’t have to compromise on style or quality when choosing sustainable products. These plantable corporate gifts blend sustainability with elegance, making them ideal for business settings. 
  5. 5. Promotes Sustainable Living: By choosing Purple & Pure’s plantable pens, you embrace a lifestyle that values sustainability and environmental responsibility. These pens not only make excellent plantable gifts in Singapore but also inspire others to consider eco-friendly alternatives. This choice creates a ripple effect, encouraging more people to make sustainable changes in their daily lives.


    Purple & Pure's plantable pens are crafted from biodegradable materials such as recycled paper and cornstarch. This eco-friendly approach ensures that the pens decompose over time, reducing plastic waste and environmental impact.

    The objective of plantable pencils is to promote sustainability and provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional writing instruments. They allow for reduced waste and give used pencils a second life as a plant while also providing a fun way to engage with nature and raise awareness about environmental issues

    The lifespan of a plantable pen depends on the plant seed used and the growing conditions, but in general, they can grow into plants that live for several months to a few years.

    Yes, you can print on plantable seed paper with a plantable pen. The ink used in plantable pens is typically water-based, so it does not interfere with the germination of the seeds in the paper. However, it's important to avoid excessive pressure when writing or printing to avoid damaging the seeds.