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100% Organic Muslin Cotton Produce Bag (Set of 2)


Ever thought what you can use those pesky disposable plastic bags when you go veggie and fruit shopping at the supermarket? Use these GOTS certified organic cotton produce bags! Plastic bags trap moisture, potentially causing vegetables and mushrooms to spoil quicker. When using breathable cotton produce bags, you can allowing excess moisture to evaporate. For vegetables that require more moisture, you could wet the cotton bags to ensure the vegetables stay fresh!



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Our Purple & Pure 100%  Organic Cotton muslin are great for storing produce in the fridge, and you could also use it as a bread or bulk bag when you visit the bakery or bulk store. Both bags come with a drawstring closure, so you could hang them up hence saving counter space

The drawstring bags come in a set of 2 and of sizes 10″ x 12″. Sustainably sourced and made in India.

Muslin Looks great and is extremely versatile for both shopping and storage. The fabric allows for good air circulation while reducing light, perfect for room and pantry storage of produce. They excel in refrigerator storage, keeping fresh, herbs, carrots, cut pumpkin, corn, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts. Also, perfect for carrying bread, grains and nuts. Other uses include: camping, children’s toys, shoes, travel bags.

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