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Plastic free Dish Washing Gift Bundle


Bamboo Waffle dishwashing cloth + Aloe Dish Soap Bar Bundle

@purpleandpure Bamboo Dish Cloth x @mynakedbar Aloe Dish Soap Block

A sustainable duo for the #zerowastekitchen.

Bamboo Dish Cloth (2pcs)

  • Absorbs 3 times more liquid than cotton
  • Takes little soap to clean up dishes.
  • Stretchy bamboo fibre dries fast.
  • Last significantly longer than sponges often made of plastic
  • Odour resistant
  • Unconducive environment for bacteria growth


Aloe Dish Block (1 Midi)

  • Avoids one or more single use detergent bottle
  • Removes grease with coconut oil as a natural surfactant instead of harsh synthetic ones like SLS.
  • Gentler on skin with aloe vera
  • Sparkly, squeaky clean dishes with fewer resources used every wash.
  • +/- 125g at crafting. ~7cm x 6.5cm x 2.5cm


Now available as a Bundle for S$18.90


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Sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria, rapidly turning dirty, smelly, and crumbly. It is best to replace sponges every week and that adds up quickly. It’s a lot of waste, especially given that so many sponges are made from plastics, making them yet another item in our home that is damaging to our planet.  Bamboo Waffle Dish Cloth is the ultimate dishcloth for your kitchen!

Benefits of Bamboo Dish Cloth

Bamboo absorbs 7x more liquid than a single paper towel and it is easy to squeeze out the liquid after cleaning up spills, just like a sponge. Bamboo yarn is also 3x more absorbent compared to cotton. In addition, waffle weave provides a large surface area with its honeycomb structure, offering an innovative design to trap moisture and absorb water more quickly.

The puffy, honeycombed surface provides crevices and acts as a natural scrubber to clean up dishes, kitchen surfaces, tabletops, home appliances, and more. It also offers a steady grip while cleaning slippery items like glass wear streak-free.

The dirt and grime wash off easily and do not stick to the bamboo waffle fiber. It does not retain dirt like the sponges, staying fresh for longer!

The waffle weave provides an effective airflow meaning they can dry 4X faster than regular dishcloths and stay fresher for longer.

Benefits of Aloe Dish Bar

The block comes complete with a soap dish upcycled from a milk carton with an angled spout to help the dish block keep dry between use.

The perks?

✅Avoid one or more single-use detergent bottles with each block
✅Gentler on our skin with no SLS.
✅Sparkly, squeaky clean dishes with fewer resources used every wash