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Green Living Essentials


Discover our Green Living Essentials, a harmonious fusion of sustainability and innovation created by underprivileged women from recycled paper and embedded with seeds, ready to grow into plants after use. We’re also reducing plastic waste with our bamboo coffee cups featuring cork sleeves. For the green thumbs, our coco pots and cocopeat, made from renewable coconut coir, offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic plant containers and soil. These products redefine sustainability, minimize waste, and inspire eco-conscious living. Make the choice to nurture a greener, cleaner future with Green Living Essentials.

Box Includes:
1) 1 Sip Cup
2) 1 Plantable seed Notebook
3) 1 Plantable seed Pencil
4) 1 Plantable seed Pen
5) 1 coco pot + 1 cocopeat
wrapped in a gift box with one plantable greeting card.

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