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EcoGrow Seed Pencils – Fenugreek


Plantable Seed Pencils – Fenugreek

Draw, write, jot down notes – and when finished, plant it in the soil and watch the gorgeous Brinjal grow!

We offer customizations for plantable seed pencils🌱, including design, colors, seeds, and more. Perfect for corporate gifts. Personalize with your logo for orders of 100 or more and a 2-3 weeks lead time is required.

 Product Details

  • Each pencil is embedded with a Fenugreek seed


  • Made with post-consumer recycled paper, so no trees felled!
  • Contain 2b lead which can be used with a pencil sharpener
  • Fenugreek seed

How to Plant

Plant plantable pencils at a 45-degree angle; once they become small after sharpening, plant them vertically in the soil.

By purchasing each product, you’re helping women in need. We’ve partnered with Daughters of Tomorrow to donate 10% of all profit towards career coaching, life skills training, and financial aid for single mothers in Singapore.


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Discover an eco-friendly way to write and grow.  These eco-friendly pencils are a stroke of green genius and a wonderful way to reduce your environmental footprint with every writing session. Each pencil is made of recycled paper and wood and filled with a marigold seed. Use them just like any other pencil. Each pencil has unique packaging that can also be used as a bookmark!