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Plantable Mandala Colouring Gift Set


This is the perfect way to unwind and tap into your creative side. Our colouring book gift set for adults features an intricate, beautiful, eco-friendly mandala design. Each page is made from 100% recycled paper embedded with wildflower, basil and marigold seeds, so once you’re done colouring, simply plant the page and watch it grow into a stunning garden of herbs and flowers. This Set is perfect for adults who want to de-stress and connect with nature in a fun and sustainable way.

 Product Details

  • Plantable seed colouring book
  • Colouring book cover is printed, plantable paper embedded with Wildflower, Basil and Marigold seeds
  • 27 recycled pages
  • Plantable Colour pencil box. Each box contains 10 plantable seed coloured pencils
  • Each pencil is embedded with a different seed (10 different seeds in the set)


  • 100% Recycled paper made from seed paper (handmade from waste cotton scraps with seeds embedded)
  • Basil seeds
  • Wildflower seeds
  • Marigold seeds
  • Contain 2b lead which can be used with a pencils

How to Plant

  • Wet the seed paper with water and plant in a pot to cultivate the herbs/flowers/vegetables.


By purchasing each product, you’re helping women in need. We’ve partnered with Daughters of Tomorrow to donate 1% of all sales towards career coaching, life skills training, and financial aid for single mothers in Singapore.


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We offer customisations for notebooks and pencils, including design, colours, seeds, and more. Perfect for corporate gifts. Please note that a minimum order quantity and a lead time of 3-4 weeks are required.