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Recycled Newspaper Plantable Pencil - Mustard


Seed Pencil is a handmade pencil made with the seeds infused in them.
It is a wood-free pencil, which is made up of recycled paper and has a water capsule that consists of seeds.
The outer body is surrounded by a graphite lead.

The outer body is as strong and comfortable as the regular pencil.
The lead used is 2HB and the pencil responds normally to regular sharpeners.

The pencils have elegant designs and can be custom-made.

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Plantable HB Pencils – Mustard

Purple & Pure Plantable pencil is made from 100% eco-friendly material. Plant your pencil. Look closely at the tip of this unique pencil and you’ll see a small seed capsule. Each pencil indicates what plant will grow. When your pencil is too short to be used, simply plant it and watch it blossom. Plantable pencils are the perfect gift for all ages. Great for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions. Write, draw, doodle and design until your pencils become too short to use. Then simply turn them upside down, plant the stub and enjoy watching them grow into fragrant herbs, beautiful flowers, or fresh vegetables. These wonderful pencils are made out of waste paper rather than virgin wood.

Eco-Friendly Pencils are part of a social enterprise in India that supports the empowerment of women and over 90% of their staff are female. All of their products are either upcycled or recycled and all are sustainable.

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