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Customer Care

Our goal is to stay in close contact with you starting as soon as you submit your online order. We want to personally respond to your questions and recommendations as soon as possible, so please contact us by phone or email.

Express Production

Express Production

While our standard turnaround time for custom orders is 2 weeks + 1 week shipping, we also offer express production for those who need their sustainable promotional items pronto. With this option of express production in just 5 working days plus shipping, we are able to create your sustainable promotional items faster



Discover custom gifts tailored to your needs with a low MOQ of just 100 units. Whether for business or personal use, we offer quality customization without the high quantity requirement. Make your mark with personalized gifts today!

Our Social Mission
sustainable environment

Sustainably, stylish eco-friendly gifts to encourage commitment in protecting the environment with every purchase.


Materials sourced from reputable suppliers across India who prioritise women’s well-being and fair treatment.

empowering community

Partners with Daughters of Tomorrows – an organisation that helps single mothers in Singapore.


Prioritise sustainability and social responsibility, ultimately leading to a healthier planet and more equitable societies.

Welcome purple and pure

Welcome to Purple and Pure!

Your go-to destination for premium sustainable corporate gifts. We specialize in offering top-quality, eco-friendly gifts that are not only stylishly designed but also ethically produced. Our commitment to the environment and society is evident in every product we offer.

Our range includes reusable coffee cups with lids, providing a stylish and practical solution for eco-conscious individuals. These cups are made from carefully sourced, durable, and biodegradable materials, aligning with our mission to promote sustainability. By choosing our eco-friendly corporate gifts, you contribute to positive change for the planet and society.

At Purple and Pure, we take pride in our sustainable gifts, which are crafted with precision and care. Our products are created by underprivileged women in India who receive fair wages and opportunities for personal growth. We believe in the power of small actions to bring about significant changes, not only benefiting the environment and society but also providing our customers with a chance to make a positive impact.

In Singapore, we make it easy for you to give responsibly with our gift delivery services. Our customized gift boxes, designed with sustainability in mind, offer a unique and thoughtful way to express your appreciation and love. The seed gifts we offer are not only biodegradable and durable but also plantable, sprouting into beautiful flowers and herbs when planted in soil.

Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly corporate gifts, sustainable gifts, or an eco shop in Singapore, Purple and Pure has you covered! Explore our gift delivery services in Singapore

Join us in building a brighter future by making conscious choices and gifting responsibly.

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Paper with a Purpose:
Recycled Cotton Waste

Our paper is made of cotton waste.

Recycled cotton fabrics are one of the most sustainable textile materials. Recycling cotton fibers reduces pressure on land, water, and other resources needed to grow new cotton crops. This leads to recycled cotton being a low-impact fabric, especially compared with conventional cotton.

According to the National Environment Agency’s (NEA) latest waste and recycling statistics for 2022, about 7.39 million tonnes of solid waste were generated, of which 4.19 million tonnes were recycled.







Recycling Rate


“Turning scraps into fine paper with a purpose and beneficial for the planet.”

More on our Paper Source!

Discover All Of Our Sustainable Gifts

With our seed paper and plantable merchandising you can give the gift of nature and surprise your loved ones and customers.

Our Clients

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500 Clients Served
Plantable Stationery Grown
6280 Plantable Stationery Grown
cotton recycle
10000 Cotton Recycled

By choosing sustainable gifts, your company demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship, enhancing your brand image. Our gifts can be customised with your corporate branding, making them ideal for promoting your company’s eco-friendly values.

Absolutely! Whether it’s for a conference, employee recognition, or client appreciation, our eco-friendly gifts cater to a variety of corporate events and are appreciated by all who receive them.

Our range includes a diverse selection of items such as reusable drinkware, eco-friendly office supplies, and more. Each product is carefully selected to ensure it meets high standards of sustainability and quality.

Yes, we specialise in catering to bulk orders for corporate events and functions. We offer a range of options to align with your brand identity and event theme, making our gifts a perfect choice for large-scale corporate gifting.

We all enjoy receiving gifts!

Providing corporate gifts to your clients or employees is consistently well-received! We're transforming the green merchandising industry by presenting a unique alternative to traditional promotional gifts.

Our innovations involves seed paper that sprouts, along with an environmentally conscious, plant-based, vegan rendition of corporate gifts. We encourage businesses and individuals to opt for gifting seeds instead of contributing to pollution with disposable items.

The uniqueness lies in the seeds!

Our promotional gifts stand out not only for their sustainability but also for their ability to be planted! after use, they give rise to life instead of contributing to pollution. It's important to note that the seeds in the plantable paper may cause a slight unevenness, affecting the print with faint colors or very small text. However, our Customer Service Team is here to guide you in the design, and we'll thoroughly check everything before printing.

Whether it's plantable seeded paper or any other seeded corporate gifts, it's crucial to recognize that they are living products. The success of germination depends on factors such as care, weather, and the season in which you choose to plant them.
Follow the instructions provided on product for proper planting guidance.

Certainly! All our plantable gifts can be tailored to your preferences, as we accommodate each client's unique needs. To customize your eco-friendly promotional gifts with your design, please follow these steps:

1. Reach out to us via email to receive the product catalog.
2. Select the product that suits your requirements.
3. Once the product and quality are finalized, we will provide a template for design along with a quotation.
4. Email us your finalized design when you are ready to proceed with full production.

Indeed, there's a guiding philosophy behind each of our plantable promotional gifts. We firmly believe that sustainability transcends being a mere trend; it is a fundamental necessity. What sets our seed paper and eco-friendly corporate gifts apart is their genuine commitment to sustainability.

Utilizing recycled and discarded materials from various industries, we craft environmentally friendly and green merchandising gifts. Sustainability is ingrained in our DNA! From product design to manufacturing, we meticulously manage the entire process to minimize environmental impact.

As a registered social enterprise with ralSE, we adhere to the highest standards of environmental and social impact. Additionally, our products not only embody sustainability but also boast a distinctive and captivating appeal, leaving a lasting impression on everyone.

When you choose us for a promotional gift, you're not just purchasing sustainability; you're also investing in quality, skill, and social impact.

Our seed paper is crafted by people, and our sustainable corporate gifts are assembled by women in underprivileged centers. While our typical delivery time for custom orders in 2-3 weeks, it might vary based on workload.

For precise delivery estimates and a successful campaign, please reach out to us.

Our product range provides a variety of seed options, primarily focusing on vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Explore the diverse seeds available for our seed paper, plantable pens, palntable pencils, planting kits, and other eco-friendly promotioal gifts. please note that seed paper is limited to standard seeds for production reasons, but for other plantable gifts, feel free to reach out for seed customization. We aim to tailor your corporate gift with the most suitable seeds for your project.

Regarding a question, it seems like you're providing information rather than posing a question. If you have a specific question in mind, please let me know, and I'll be happy to help! Additionally, our plantable paper is crafted from recycled cotton waste from various factories. Our plantable pens and pencils are made from recycled paper and a safe capsule at the back, containing seeds commonly used in medicine. This design ensures safety even if someone habitually puts it in their mouth. The pens are 95% less plastic, with only the refills being made of plastic. Importantly, no trees are cut to produce the pencils; they are entirely crafted from recycled paper.

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